Sunday, September 11, 2011

A voluptuous Vampirella pin-up by Tiina

Tiina has done a voluptuous Vampirella pin-up for our pleasure!

I think Tiina really nailed it! It's the perfect combination of sexy and spooky! One thing Tiina is really good at is all the background detail. I love all the ghosts and ghouls behind her!
I don't know about you but I love to see the artists process as they go through the different stages from pencils to finished color work. Well guess what? Tiina has graced us with scans of the work through the different stages!

Here she's got a great composition with lots of great detail. I especially love the loose pencil work on the ghoulies in the back ground!
I love to see the artists process. In this case, Tiina chooses to darken the background, making the figure pop out of the picture.

 The best part is that this piece will be going up for sale on E-Bay.

Vampirella by Tiina on E-Bay

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