Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Page 24, "Like rats in a trap!"

Our bumbling crooks have found the loot and they are packing it away. Meanwhile our friend, police officer Dooley, is searching the museum for signs of the crooks. But it looks like the hunter may have become the prey.

I would like to thank our audience for coming back to read our comic. Tiina, the artist, has been dealing with health issues that have slowed her out put down quite a bit. fortunately she is still in the game and producing pages, just more slowly. Personally I'm always excited to see what she produces, slow or not.

Some exciting recent news is that we will be having a comic printed at Comixpress, a print on demand company, featuring our story Bella meets Rex, with some added material. When it finally happens we will definitely let you people know.

Thanks again for following us!

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