Saturday, May 28, 2011

Page 22 - Where's Bruiser?

Our bumbling crooks have found the jewels of Prague and are packing them away. Just one question - Where's Bruiser?

As a special bonus I'm going to post our rough sketches for this page.

This is my (Thomas) initial sketch that I sent to Tiina.
I tried to capture the general action and important elements that needed to be communicated like panel layout and facial expressions. Everything is there but it's really rough.

This is what Tiina sent back.

I told her that Bruiser and Mad Dog look too similar, and that Bruiser's expression should be one more of frustration rather than bewilderment.

This is what Tiina sent back.

I told her that I loved it as it was and that I wish we could print it as is but I understand that we still need dialog balloons and things.

And that's how this new page came about! I hope you enjoy seeing the extra sketches and the process we go through to come up with a page! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go do a rough sketch of page 23 of the Brilliant Bella in Feet of Clay!

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