Friday, January 21, 2011

No time for celebrating!

A heroes work is never done! As soon as Bella captures one criminal, she has to deal with the disparaging remarks of her piers towards women! Oh well, we carry on because we must.

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  1. This was the very 1st Bella story finished last spring, 2010. Tiina and I had just met and decided to work together on a comic. I chose a very simple story just to see how it was to work with her. Let me tell you, it was great working with Tiina! She's a wonderful artist and very gracious in baring with my demands.

    About the character, I had came up with this idea to have a female hero in 1939 America. I had this vague notion of superimposing the idealism of the superhero onto the racism and discrimination of that time. I mean women had just got the vote! They were still considered by the society at large as free domestic workers and not welcome in the work force. Many people don't know this but even Wonder Woman was the Justice Society of America's secretary! Anyway, with such a short story I didn't have a lot of space to put anything about it, so I tacked on a last page with some disparaging remarks toward women. It looks a little out of place in the story but I hope to rectify that in our future endeavors.
    I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more work to come! It just keeps getting better!