Monday, January 17, 2011

The Brilliant Bella

The Brilliant Bella is a labor of love by me, Thomas Morrison, and Tiina Birgitta Räisänen. The inspiration for Bella came to me 1st from Tiina's wonderfully sexy depiction of women and 2nd from my love of the Golden Age of comics (comics created in the 1940's around the time of World War II and the birth of the American comic book). I proposed this character, Bella, based on Celtic mythology to Tiina who came up with the visual design of the character and voila, a super heroine was born!

Tiina has been doing an amazing job on the visuals! Not only does she do wonderful drawings for the comic, she inks it, colors it, AND does the lettering all by herself! She does the job of 4 people on her own!

We hope you enjoy the fruit of our imaginings and please feel free to patronize our sponsors by clicking on the adds, thus giving us some small monetary compensation for all our hours of work!

Thank you! 

Thomas Morrison

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